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I am happy you're here! Now let's make beautiful films together, but before we embark on our journey have a read about who I am and what I do.

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My Story

The first time Sean picked up a camera he was 4 years old. After getting a 35mm viewfinder camera with an automatic winder as a gift he disassembled it, more for inspection purposes as a four-year-old might do. He promptly received a jolt from touching the camera's flash components, which is a hard lesson learned for a curious up-and-coming cinematographer. This shocking experience would deter Sean's interest in cameras until he ultimately discovered his passion for images while attending photography class.


The photography teacher announced that any student who could submit and publish one of their photographs in a nation-wide photography contest would get an automatic A+ for the rest of the year. Sean wanted the A+ and the notion that he no longer needed to attend class for the rest of the year seemed like a fool-proof plan! Most importantly, however, Sean wanted to test his creativity against other artists in the country due to his competitive nature. Sean received the A+.


Since then Sean has been fascinated by light and colour and showing others his unique view of the world. With his obsession for visual storytelling and love for cinema he completed a Master in Film with specialization in Cinematography at Screen Academy Scotland in Edinburgh. The course taught him industry standard practices and how to problem-solve camera related issues on set. His knowledge of light and lighting techniques has also grown immensely. Sean has been working in the film industry for the past 3 years. His skills have brought him across the country shooting documentaries, commercials and short films.

Apart from constantly talking about old black and white films shot by Robert Burks or Gregg Toland, Sean's friends still like him, or so they say. When he saw Chungking Express shot by Christopher Doyle he became aware of how important cinematography is for storytelling and how cinematography can give a film its unique atmosphere and emotion.  Sean is also inspired by new cinematographers such as Zenn van Zyl and Neville Kidd. With an interest in new and old school techniques Sean wants to approach cinema in a unique way to create memorable and beautiful images.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+44 75 121 76043

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